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Wellness stay in Copenhagen (The popular one)

When you come to Copenhagen, why not indulge yourself a bit? Imagine the wonderful experience of being pampered with massages, relaxing in a jacuzzi, or having a gentle body scrub. Set aside a weekend for you and your partner to devote time to each other and leave all the hustle and bustle at home.

Plan ahead so you don’t miss out on the best hotel rooms and ensure your appointment at the Samadhi Spa. It can sometimes be difficult to get the most popular rooms, especially during the holiday season. If you plan ahead you’ll both have something to look forward to as well. If you’re looking for that special surprise, such a weekend would be the perfect gift for your anniversary.

Book a room

Reserve a room that takes your fancy in a hotel near the Samadhi Spa. We recommend the Tivoli Hotel at the Copenhagen harbor.

Here each room is inspired by the Tivoli Garden and its fairytale world with bright colours and shapes adorning the floors and decor. Some rooms are even decorated with a theme from the old garden.

Rooms are available with a view over the canal and Islands Brygge, or the Columbine garden and Central Copenhagen. Soundproof windows block any noise from the city so you can enjoy complete tranquility.

Explore Tivoli Gardens

Arrive as early as possible, check into your hotel room and make the most of the day. If you have chosen Tivoli Hotel, a visit to Tivoli Gardens would be your obvious next move. It is a 15-20 minute walk from the hotel.

If roller coasters and carousels not your thing, the garden is still a beautiful and evocative place to walk. You can also take Line 8, Tivoli’s own small, yellow tram on rubber wheels.

There are also plenty of places in Tivoli for a having a refreshment or eating lunch.

Relax with spa and dinner

In the afternoon, you can go back to the hotel, have a shower and prepare for the evening’s wellness treatment.

Samadhi Spa is only half an hour away from the hotel on foot, but you can also take a bus.

If you have ordered Pampering for two – Deluxe at Samadhi Spa, you do not need to think about dinner! After 1½ hours of pampering foot massage, deep body massage and a jacuzzi, a two course dinner will be served for you in the lounge.

After the treatment, you can look forward to the evening and enjoy Copenhagen’s famous nightlife – or go back to Tivoli and take in the evening atmosphere before returning to your hotel.

Take a leisurely ride in the Dragon Boats and end a wonderful day on a romantic note. Tivoli closes at midnight both Friday and Saturday.

Include a Sunday in Copenhagen

After a good night’s sleep and breakfast at the hotel – you can explore Copenhagen further. There are lots of museums within reasonable walking distance from the Tivoli Hotel. They are worth a visit before heading home after a fantastic weekend recharging your batteries in Wonderful Copenhagen.

If you need any help, you are welcome to call us at + 45 33 91 10 90

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