Samadhi Spa – where time stands still in the heart of Copenhagen

Samadhi Spa is a small oasis in the heart of Copenhagen. Placed right in the bustling center of the Danish capital, you will not believe your senses when you cross the door step to the spa and close the door behind you. As sister and brother Trine and Søren Mogenstrup, founders of Samadhi Spa, like to put it: “time stands still and the heart is growing”.

“Life is full of surprises. Both of the good and the less good kind. I have learned that much. But I have also learned that we need them all. All the experiences and surprises in life are helping to pave the way and lead us to where we wish to go,” Trine Mogenstrup recounts when she thinks about her and her brother’s journey towards opening the Samadhi Spa.

It all began when the two were on a trip around the world together and entered a small shop in the middle of the Australian bush, where they experienced a special and unexpected atmosphere, that they never forgot since. It is this unexpected feeling they are recreating in the Samadhi Spa back home in Copenhagen.

Samadhi Spa is not just any spa, but has a very distinct and almost heavenly atmosphere. People who have visisted will tell you, that you can not find the same experience anywhere else. It is certainly a small heaven of tranquility and bliss, where you can come in and take a much needed break from dailylife stress and bustle.

From in-depth massages to romantic adventures

Samadhi Spa offers a broad range of treatments and experiences for women, for men and for couples. This ranges from basic massages to the most luxurious of spa experiences.

The in-depth massages are very popular among the customers of Samadhi Spa, and the staff are all professionals with a physiological education in their luggage. A range of special massages are also available. This includes an exclusive massage designed specifically for pregnant women.

If you want to treat your significant other to a very romantic and enlivening adventure, we strongly recommend the Romantic Late Night, which is an exclusive and intimate treatment specially for you and your loved one. Spending the evening in our private spa, you will be pampered in all kinds of ways and your relationship will automatically soak up the Samadhi atmosphere, which you can take home in your hearts and keep as a shared memory.

These are just two out of numerous treatments and experiences available at Samadhi Spa. There are more to choose from than this text can include, but you can find every treatment on offer at the website. You are also welcome to call us or send a email – we speak english.

Visit us in Rådhusstræde

If you want to experience the special Samadhi atmosphere yourself, you are more than welcome to come by and visit us at Rådhusstræde 1 in central Copenhagen, or to give us a call at 33 91 10 90 to book an appointment.

Samadhi Spa
Rådshusstræde 1
1466 København K

Phone: + 45 33 81 10 90

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